You have established a new brand and will invest in your brand. You will promote your brand, advertise it and gain a customer base. But imagine that, while you have spent so much effort and capital and introduced your brand to the market, one day your brand is removed from your signboards and business products, and the products you use your brand on are confiscated with the claim that your brand has been registered by a third party. In order to avoid such problems that we frequently encounter in practice, it is important to do the right research before registering a trademark. Otherwise, even if your trademark is registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office according to the provisions of the new law, the owner of the previous dated trademark will be able to cancel your later dated trademark by filing a lawsuit.

In yet another example, imagine you've found a patented invention. However, let's say that you have applied for a patent after 1 year since you shared your invention with the public because you were not properly informed. In this case, even if your patent application is registered, the patent certificate can be canceled by filing an invalidation lawsuit. However, since your invention, which is the subject of a patent, has become a commodity, everyone will be able to produce and sell the invention, which is the product of your idea and labor, as they wish. Apart from the waste of all your R&D efforts and capital, you will also be responsible for the cost of litigation in the lawsuits filed against you.

It is possible to multiply examples. It is important to get the right information and research support in order to avoid such negativities. At this point, our team provides you with preliminary research and information about possible risks before the application. In practice, unfortunately, it is often seen that the content of the application is shared with third parties in transactions such as patent and utility model registration transactions that must be done in secrecy, and in this way, unfair profits are made over your intellectual product. Our team attaches great importance to the privacy of your ideas.

We are working harder every day to provide the support you need before and after the application in order to manage the registration stages of your industrial right correctly. We are pleased to provide you with the legal support you need after the registration stage, thanks to our expert lawyers. Because as much as registering your industrial right, it is extremely important to protect it against unlawful interventions. When you look at the big companies in their field, you will see that not all of them are satisfied with a single brand or patent, but hundreds of applications. The reason for this is to expand the shield of protection. Growth is directly proportional to the importance given to industrial rights. That's why it's important to get the right support during and after registration.